Full range of Services

We off you a comprehensive range of services that consist of the following:

High Pressure Cleaning (4000 PSI)

High pressure cleaning the roof to remove dirt, lichen, moss and other debris. During this process the gutters are also flushed clean, as well as a clean up around the house and remove all debris from windows, walls and paths.

Rebedding (Cement Work Under Hip Tiles)

Rebedding a roof consists of removing all loose cement, removing the ridge caps, and then using a blower to remove debris and leave a clean surface to rebed the caps using a 3/1 mixture of sand and cement

Re-Pointing (Flexible Pointing)

Pointing is applied over the bedding and across the face of the ridge capping, causing a strong bond between the tile and ridge cap. Flexible pointing comes with a C4 cyclone rating and a 10 year guarantee. Unlike cement it is able to move with the roof and not crack.

Roof Painting (Eco Friendly 100% Acrylic Paint)

The first coat during the 3 coat system is a high build to smooth the surface and create a good painting platform. It also acts as a sealer, sealing the surface. The second and third coat (fourth if necessary) is then applied either the same day or the following day, making sure a complete cover of paint is sprayed evenly over the roof, valley, irons and flashings.

Roof, Flashings and Irons Repairs, and Leaks Fixed

  • Valley irons replaced

  • Polycarbonate sheeting replaced

  • Gutter replaced

  • Facia and scotia replacement